Kansas City English Cream Golden Retrievers

Welcome to KansasGoldens. We love Golden Retrievers (especially the light-colored English Creams!), and we want you to experience that same joy in your home. We only have one female we’re breeding, and she’s my loyal pet. Although I’ve loved golden retrievers for many years, I distinctly remember the day I met an English Cream. The dog was stunningly beautiful and it had an amazing personality. I knew I wanted one!

We’re Excited

A puppy is just the beginning of a wonderful companion for life. That soft, snuggly fur ball will grow into a beautiful Golden Retriever.

Perhaps you found us through a search engine and wonder what the big deal about an English Cream is.

Golden Retriever Puppies

We are currently waiting for Ellie to go into heat, which could be any day! Ellie’s pictured above at 8 weeks and her puppies will look very similar.

English Cream Puppies:
Female: $1900 (plus Kansas sales tax, which is a state requirement)
Male: $1800 (plus Kansas sales tax, which is a state requirement)

We will be taking deposits for Ellie’s litter as soon as we breed her! Please contact me at this link if you’re interested in being put on the list to be notified. The deposit simply secures your line in the puppy pick process. For example, the first one to put in a deposit for a female will get 1st choice on a female. The second one for a female will get place number two in line and so on. The $300 deposit is non-refundable. If there aren’t enough females or males based on how many have been asked for, we’ll refund your deposit.

The puppy comes with limited AKC registration. The limited part simply means you won’t be able to breed your dog. If you are interested in breeding, please contact me, as in certain cases, I may sell breeding rights if the dog passes a panel of tests.

One thing that sets KansasGoldens apart from others is this is my pet. Yep! She’s pretty spoiled and well taken care of. In fact, I’ve never boarded her at a kennel, and she sleeps in my room!

Another thing that sets us apart is we don’t require a puppy application. Since you’re investing in a puppy of this caliber, I feel you will properly take care of your dog.

English Cream Golden Retriever puppies go fast!


Contact Sarah

I’m now accepting deposits on Ellie’s litter! I welcome you to contact me about the puppies. Just fill out the info below, and I’ll get back to you shortly.