About Our Girl

Ellie is a beautiful Golden Retriever with strong features that make a Golden look amazing. She has a gentle but energetic personality, and people, naps, and treats are her favorite things in life. Oh, and Kleenex. Yep, if you have a Kleenex in your hand or in close proximity, watch out. She’ll steal it!

When I began the search for a puppy, I carefully evaluated┬áthe prospective parents. Looks were important to me, and Ellie’s parents fit the bill. Her dad was muscular and had that perfect blocky head. He also weighed 100 pounds and loved to climb into your lap! Her mom also had great looks and was very sweet.

I’ve taken Ellie through extensive testing to make sure she’s in top-notch health.

  • Penn-Hip certified/she scored in the top 5% of Goldens/The Penn-Hip test is even more extensive than the OFA hip test
  • OFA certification for elbows/heart
  • DNA panel of tests

Ellie is extremely loyal and partial to her owner. When I’m gone, she’ll mope and in fact, you’ll probably find her on my bed. As soon as I return, she’s super excited to see me.

Ellie gets very excited about little kids. They’re her favorite! Since I have plenty of nieces and nephews, there’s sure to be kid activity. She’s gentle with them and does well obeying commands.

Ellie loves, loves, LOVES kids! Her puppies will be highly socialized with lots of kiddos. They’re anxious for puppies!

Ellie LOVES kids!